Day 150: Bruce Willis and New Traditions

die-hard-movie-title“Babe, we have to watch it now before you leave town for Christmas,” N said with an endearing sense of urgency in his voice.

The “it” he was referring to was the 1988 movie Die Hard, one of his all-time favorite action flicks. I had never seen the film and N insisted that my holiday experience wouldn’t be complete without it.

“Okay, put it on,” I agreed. “So, is watching Die Hard before Christmas going to be another one of our traditions?”

N simply smiled and nodded as he pressed play.

Over the past year of dating, N and I have established our own traditions, large and small. We have pledged to attend an outdoor concert every summer at the Hollywood Bowl. Whenever I give N a gift, I always attach three clues to the present so he can attempt to guess what it is before the big reveal. Our weekend mornings wouldn’t be complete without our usual trip to the local coffee shop where the barista knows our drink order by heart. The list goes on. And now, we were about to embark on another tradition involving a young, shoeless Bruce Willis.

The movie was full of firepower and memorable one-liners. The holiday theme was great too, from the office party setting to the soundtrack that riffed off of classic Christmas tunes. To add to the fun, N knew nearly every line in the film, reciting the dialogue like he was talking to an old friend. I enjoyed watching Die Hard for the first time, but even more meaningful was the fact that N and I established a new tradition that will continue generating memories. Forming your own traditions in a relationship is important. I just never thought that ours would include a fast-talking limo driver and Germans with bad accents – and even worse hair.


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12 thoughts on “Day 150: Bruce Willis and New Traditions

  1. Lee Geary says:

    The last time I saw Die Hard I must have been really small, or it could have been the sequel.

    I’ve heard it has a Christmas theme a couple of times this year, and I never realised. I think I have a pop culture blind spot.

    • Lee – I definitely encourage you to watch Die Hard this holiday season. The Christmas theme is ridiculously fun, but even better is the late 80s nostalgia that’s captured. Smoking cigarettes indoors, huge brick-sized cell phones, men with long feathery hair – it’s all there.

      – K.

  2. Joyce says:

    Awww…that’s sweet. When my husband and I dated we had a tradition where, if we had an argument, he would bring me “make-up sushi”. He knew how happy that made me.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Maine. You’re going to love New England, I just know it!

    • Joyce – Now I’m trying to think up an argument I can have with N just so I can start having him bring me “make up sushi.” That’s a new tradition I wouldn’t mind establishing ;).

      I don’t fly to Maine until December 27, but I’m definitely looking forward to the trip (and meeting N’s parents). As a native Californian, I fear that I’m not prepared enough for the snow. Any tips on braving the cold weather?

      – K.

      • Joyce says:

        Stay inside 🙂

        But, if you venture outdoors, be sure to cover everything – gloves, hat, scarf, etc. If there’s snow on the ground and you go out to play in it, see if you can borrow some snow boots so you don’t get any in your shoe. And…cuddle! Have a safe trip.

  3. Thanks, now I will associate Die Hard with a diabeticly sweet romantic relationship, instead of one of the best man movies of all time. Well, at least I still have Predator…

  4. Traditions are so good to have. I love it!


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