Day 122: Anticipation and The Knock

It had only been four days, but it was four days too many. Don’t get me wrong; Thanksgiving was enjoyable but I found myself missing N more than I had anticipated. The weekends are usually reserved for us, and the lack of couple time had thrown me off balance. Luckily, N planned to visit when I returned to Los Angeles. During the flight home, I imagined swinging open the front door and coming face-to-face with him. My hormones would be firing and my smile would be too large to conceal, no matter the attempt.

I sped (probably too fast) on the freeway, wanting to get home as quickly as possible. Once inside my apartment, I began to tidy up. I gently fluffed the decorative couch pillows and arranged them in a neat fan shape. I wiped down the bathroom mirror so its reflection was razor sharp. And yes, I also cursed myself for not doing all of this prior to leaving for my trip. I’ve always valued presentation and firmly believe that the details matter. With that in mind, I slipped into a curve-hugging tank top and applied a fresh coat of body lotion (the scent that N loves). When my primping and preening concluded, I sat on the couch, anxiously awaiting N’s arrival. I was excited to see him, hug him… feel him. Then suddenly, a sharp sound interrupted that thought and my lips curved upward into a smile as I heard a familiar knock at the door.

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10 thoughts on “Day 122: Anticipation and The Knock

  1. writer_girl2723 says:

    Sounds almost exactly like my yesterday…but my knock never came. I blogged my frustration yesterday but pulled it for revision. Be glad N doesn’t have kids!

  2. Joyce says:

    You know, sometimes your blogs take me back to the excitement of my earliest months with my husband. This one really did. My hope for you is that you work to hold on to that spark. It can be easy to loose and so hard to rekindle.

  3. Irish Katie says:

    Have I mentioned yet how I love that you are soooo in love?

    I love Love LOVE the ending to this blog post.

  4. I like the quick cleaning of your place, especially the bathroom mirror. I always make sure mine is spotless before someone comes over. A clean mirror says something like, “Look at you.” 🙂


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