Day 112: Winter Ailments and My Sexy Caregiver

My sinuses were swarmed by fire ants as I battled a hacking cough and pulsating headache. In other words, I was a complete sick mess. A severe cold had been circulating the office and I fell victim to the nasty winter ailment. Now that N was away for a boys’ weekend trip, I looked forward to using the time alone to recover. For his return, I had planned to accompany him to the gym, prepare a delicious homemade dinner, and indulge in plenty of cuddling. But by the time Sunday rolled around, my symptoms were worse than ever.

I arrived at N’s doorstep looking puffy and tired, having only slept a few hours the night before. I wanted to be my usual happy and enthusiastic self, but my energy level was at an all-time low. Without having to say a word, N assumed the role of caregiver and proceeded to give me the best day a sick person could ask for. He administered medicine, wrapped me in a fuzzy blanket, and switched on our favorite television shows. Despite my fear of being contagious, N laid next to me and peppered my cheeks with kisses. And best of all, he brought home amazing Bay Cities Deli Italian sandwiches for dinner. N and I eat really clean so the food from that deli is a total treat for us. I don’t know if it was N’s sweet care and attention, or the chewy fresh-baked bread from Bay Cities, but at the end of the night I already felt my cold begin to disappear.

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6 thoughts on “Day 112: Winter Ailments and My Sexy Caregiver

  1. Irish Katie says:

    I am sooooo jealous of you and N’s relationship.

    But … in an ohhh so good way *smiles*….yeah for N….yeah for you!!!!

    And … I hope you are now feeling better!

  2. alexisdeluca says:

    So romantic…like shining-armor-up-on-a-white-horse romantic! Thanks for sharing.


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