Day 106: Etsy and Christmas Shopping in November

There’s something about sending a thoughtful gift to a loved one that makes me deliriously happy. Taking pride in my gift-giving ability, I always look forward to the holiday season. The decorative wrapping paper. Colorful satin ribbon and bows. Sweet hand-written cards. I love it all. N invited me to visit his hometown in Maine this December. I’m excited to experience an actual winter (I still love you, snowless Southern California) and spend time with his family. And of course, this also means I get to shop for more presents.

My latest addiction is Etsy, a website that features handmade and vintage items. I spent much of yesterday browsing the site and carefully selecting the perfect gifts. There’s so much cool stuff to choose from that I could literally spend hours there (intervention, anyone?). I picked out a unique housewarming present for N’s parents and a cute holiday treat for the family dogs. I also discovered some delicious artisan chocolate-dipped candy that my colleagues at work would enjoy. Although it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it’s never too early to plan. Everything on Etsy is custom-made and can take up to six weeks to deliver. Plus, I’d rather purchase everything now then just sit back and relax while my gifts are shipped to their recipients. It’s only November, but the Christmas gift-giving madness has officially begun.

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3 thoughts on “Day 106: Etsy and Christmas Shopping in November

  1. Joyce says:

    OK, I really need to go check out etsy. I may be the only person on the planet with an internet connection who has not done this yet. And I love to shop online 🙂

    As a New Englander, I can say you will adore Maine. I hope you do, under all that snow.

    • Joyce – Etsy is completely addicting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s a great place to discover unique, handmade gifts and I like the idea of supporting small businesses. Having lived in California my entire life, I’ve never experienced a white Christmas. I’m looking forward to the trip to Maine with N. Fingers crossed I can brave the cold!

      – K.

  2. Joyce says:

    Perhaps you can find some warm hats and scarves on Etsy to keep yourself warm…


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