Day 99: Time-Lapse and a Little Grounding

These past two weeks have been a blur. Between a business trip to Philadelphia and hosting out-of-town guests, my schedule has been unruly. This lovely blog has taken a back seat, and I’ve even neglected N a bit too. Not being able to see him as much has been the biggest challenge. When we’re together, I feel comfortable and grounded. But lately, that sense of security has been totally uprooted and I find myself longing for the little things. Those affectionate post-coital exchanges between the sheets. Our silly inside jokes and playful banter. Sigh…  

N and I had a good rhythm going. Every Friday, we’d go to the gym then I’d prepare a healthy, homemade dinner. We’d enjoy our delicious meal and a bottle of wine, while watching our favorite television shows. Saturdays, we’d be social and go out on the town (which involved a few drinks or two…or five). Now, that routine just feels like a distant memory. Tonight however, I finally have the chance to spend time with N and reclaim our weekend. I want to lock the door, shut out the rest of the world, and barricade ourselves in the warmth of his home. Okay, well maybe it won’t be that extreme, but I’m looking forward to regaining that feeling of normalcy. With a tumultuous work environment and an ever-shifting schedule, I could use a little grounding. Some much-needed cuddling with N wouldn’t hurt either.

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6 thoughts on “Day 99: Time-Lapse and a Little Grounding

  1. singlerichgirl says:

    I love getting to this point in a relationship. I love the excitement of the routine, if that makes sense. I miss it….sounds like you guys will pick up right where you left off! 🙂

  2. Normalcy for me comes in the hanging out part. I haven’t blogged about the last date I went on with my new girlfriend, but it was a good six hours and all we did was spend time with one another in town. We ate, walked around, checked out a museum exhibit, and did some shopping. To me, that was the taste of normalcy. I feel grounded when someone is becoming part of my life like that.

  3. Joyce says:

    Ah…new love. Hold on to those moments, they are precious.


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