Day 84: The Birthday Conclusion

The champagne colored dress fit like a glove and put my legs on full display. As I stepped out of the bathroom, N’s eyes lit up. He looked equally impressive in his tailored suit jacket and deep v-neck shirt. We had dinner reservations at Morgan’s, a sophisticated restaurant led by James Beard award-winning chef, Jimmy Schmidt. The restaurant was located at the resort, but it was too far for me to walk in six-inch tall stilettos. After making a quick phone call, N escorted me outside where our driver and private golf cart awaited.

The warm atmosphere at Morgan’s was incredibly chic. The tables were clustered in a central location, except for one special booth at the front of the restaurant which overlooked the entire dining room. Naturally, N had reserved the booth for this occasion. After a pleasantly stiff drink, I dined on a fresh beet salad with candied walnuts and goat cheese (my favorite) and a red-spiced salmon filet atop a sweet corn and scallion cake. The restaurant even sent over a luscious ice cream sundae sprinkled with homemade caramel corn, in celebration of my birthday. The cusine and the overall vibe of the restaurant were perfection. Post-dinner, N and I  lounged in the hot tub, appreciating the subdued Palm Springs evening.

We eventually retreated to our villa and relaxed out on the balcony. It was past 11:00 PM, but the temperature outside was a perfect 74 degrees. Happily drunk and feeling frisky, N and I enjoyed the privacy of our enclosed balcony to the fullest extent. We laid side by side afterward, peering upward and counting the number of stars in the sky. I’m so grateful for my amazing birthday weekend in Palm Springs. Better than a present or piece of jewelry, N gave me an entire experience. Every woman dreams of being with a man who has the perfect degree of romance and charm. A man who’s equal parts dominant and caring. I urge all of those women to continue dreaming. And, they can take it from me…I haven’t woken up yet.

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8 thoughts on “Day 84: The Birthday Conclusion

  1. irishkatie says:

    I am soooooooooooooo jealous!!!

    But in a super happy way for you *smiles*

    Ok…first…the photo of the restaurant sign you posted…looks YUMMY all on its own! (and I have a James Beard cookbook…he is one of the Gods of cooking!)

    The meal sounded just …WOW! (candied walnuts and goat cheese *makes gurggly sounds in my throat*)

    And the after dinner course …*smiles*….and just sends another belated happy birthday to you.

    I think you are both lucky to have one another…*smiles*

  2. singlerichgirl says:

    I agree with irishkatie…. Sooooo jealous! Sounds amazing and romantic! Definitely a dream. And you are so right, an experience is so much better than something material! Does N have single brothers?!? 🙂

  3. Sounds wonderful. =) yes, jealous! Happy birthday (late).


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