Day 72: N and My Birthday Adventure – Part I

N forgot my birthday.

Well, sort of. Last Thursday, I received an outpouring of birthday gifts and well-wishes from friends and family. N sent a sweet text message too, but made no plans with me that evening. We had decided to celebrate over the weekend, but I secretly hoped he would do something small on my actual birthday as well. I envisioned a simple gesture just to acknowledge the day. Perhaps I’d return from work to find a bouquet of flowers on my doorstep. Or maybe my doorbell would ring and I’d come face-to-face with N holding a bottle of wine. I was almost giddy imagining the possibilities. The day wore on and I patiently waited for something to happen. Anything.

There I sat on my birthday, watching reality TV shows and eating cold chicken by myself. Deep down, I knew there was nothing else in store for me that night. N casually texted me and my lingering disappointment escaped in the form of a passive aggressive comment. Instantly, he knew what was wrong. I explained that I wasn’t expecting anything grand but I would have loved his company, as no woman wants to sit at home alone on her birthday. It was then that N made a confession; he thought my actual birthday wasn’t until the weekend. It had been marked incorrectly on his calendar all this time. Feeling terrible, N apologized and admitted that once he realized my birthday was today, he should have come over after work to see me.

I told him that I understood and, undoubtedly, knew that he cared for me. And while I felt slightly sad at the lack of acknowledgement, it was an honest mistake and I was really looking forward to our weekend together. In hindsight, I should have just mentioned the actual date of my birthday to N earlier to set him up for success. Instead, my special day felt like a bit of a non-event. I continued spending the rest of the evening in solitude, dining on leftover chicken and watching contestants duke it out on The X Factor. But little did I know, N did have something grand in store for my birthday. Something he’d been planning for over a month, and something that would turn out to be a birthday experience I’d never forget…

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15 thoughts on “Day 72: N and My Birthday Adventure – Part I

  1. irishkatie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday !!!!

    And I am sorry it was less than a stellar night …though am glad that it sounds like something super happened later. You had better blog about it! (I see you wrote “Part 1” above…so am now…waiting…..waiting …

  2. Joyce says:

    Happy birthday! I look forward to hearing about what he cooked up for you. I hope it made up for sitting alone on your day. I was just thinking, one of the best birthdays I had in a while was when I turned 40 this year, and that is because I chose to plan it all myself 🙂

    • Joyce – I totally value my alone time and it’s great to hear that you planned a fabulous celebration for yourself. I’m going to post the continuation of my birthday adventure every day, or every other day, so be on the lookout :).

      – K.

  3. singlerichgirl says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. the marionette says:

    Happy belated birthday and thanks once again… for having a story that inspires and makes me believe… ah love. It still exists.

  5. Happy Birthday K and all my best wishes!! This story goes in hand with your Vegas trip post – when you don’t expect the most wonderful unexpected happens!


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