Day 56: Affirmation and an Overdue Break

Words of affirmation. While the concept seems simple, it often gets lost in our daily hustle and bustle. The best affirmation comes as a surprise because the randomness makes it infinitely more genuine. In that instance, a private train of thought reveals itself in a moment of authenticity.

Yesterday, work was relentless. Engaging with demanding clients forced me to operate at hyperspeed. The clock quickly struck 2 p.m. and, by then, my focus was waning. On the heels of a hectic morning, I needed to mentally check out (if only for a second). Suddenly a buzz cut through the air, signaling that my cell phone had an incoming text message. Relieved by the welcome distraction, I reached for the device. The edge of my mouth curled into a much-needed smile as my eyes fell to the screen and absorbed a single line.

“Thanks for being a great girlfriend.”

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4 thoughts on “Day 56: Affirmation and an Overdue Break

  1. irishkatie says:

    So …. what I love sometimes about your blogs?

    They are just feckin glorious.

    I love the grandness of you and N.

  2. Andrew says:

    They say that self affirmations are encouraged to remind ourselves of our importance and who we are…But it always feels better when the affirmation comes from someone else – Especially from the one you care about most.


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