Day 47: Hollywood Nights and a Summer Farewell

A concert at the Hollywood Bowl was always in the cards, and the long-awaited moment had arrived. It was our farewell to summer. Three fast-paced months of incredible memories and a little heartbreak in between. Our seating, purchased from Craigslist, was one of those great unexpected surprises. The tickets landed us in a special row with individual chairs, spacious and completely elevated from the crowd.

Our dinner that night was perfection, consisting of a carefully curated selection from Trader Joes. Deliciousness in the form of a mezze platter of Mediterranean specialties. A roasted beet salad topped with rosemary balsamic glazed chicken breast. Dark chocolate peppered with caramel and black sea salt. And of course, a bold cabernet sauvignon and a bottle of prosecco to wash it all down. As Passion Pit took the stage to perform, N got especially excited. The group’s vocals were haunting as the band expertly weaved together melodic synths and electronica samples. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can replicate the beauty of live music.

N and I sang. We danced. We paused mid-song to exchange kisses, just like those couples you always see (and wish would stop). As the show ended, we exited the venue hand in hand, heads slightly abuzz from the vino. That night felt especially playful and carefree. It marked the end of a memorable, if not slightly tumultuous, period for us. Reflecting on these past couple of months, things have really developed. I’m now part of a badass team, and happy too. The Hollywood Bowl was an ideal setting to celebrate the journey thus far. And truthfully, I wouldn’t have wanted to say goodbye to our summer in any other way.

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4 thoughts on “Day 47: Hollywood Nights and a Summer Farewell

  1. TheWanderingMentalist says:

    I am so very happy that things are working out with N! It’s inspiring. Congrats on sticking through the hard times. It isn’t as always as it seems.

    • It’s almost hard to believe that a little over a month ago, there was no “N and K.” I’m glad we can serve as an inspiration. That thought alone motivates me to continue sharing our story :).

      – K.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sounds like the perfect end to a summer filled with twists and turns that only you both can appreciate and reflect on. I am glad you had such a great time. Now, if only I can find someone to share a great night like that with LOL.


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