Day 42: Bedside Conversation and the Nook

I awoke this morning in a sleepy haze, caught in that uncomfortable shift from dream state to reality. Rolling on my side, I felt my leg graze N and, for a moment, I forgot what universe I was actually in. No, he was really there. And with my grogginess suddenly gone, I paused to appreciate the visual. Stretched out next to me, N appeared as handsome as ever. His usual 5 o’clock shadow threatened to become a full-blown beard. Shirtless, his sculpted physique was exposed, tempting me to forget that I still had to get to the office on time.

With that aesthetic inspiration, I nuzzled my way into the nook between N’s collar bone and neck (my favorite spot). My head gently rested there as we traded thoughts. We spoke of nothing of great significance, but it all probably felt meaningful at the time. Our playfulness and easy communication are things I’ll never tire of. I stubbornly tried to prolong the moment, still in denial that a full work day was ahead. Somehow, we eventually managed to untangle ourselves and part ways. Waking up next to N makes my nights of sleeping alone seem almost primitive. But today, with that perfect morning start, I drove to work content and ready to conquer the world.

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