Day 41: Forecasting and Fight or Flight

Their lingering disappointment hangs over you like a dark cloud. You didn’t prepare for dreary weather, but it’s about to pour anyway. How long has this storm been brewing? Forecasting is tricky. You try to anticipate by tracking the wind patterns and movement, but their distance makes it tough. With even the slightest separation, the climate instantly shifts. You ignored the first cool breeze because you were too busy basking in the warmth. But before long, that breeze slowly started to build until it reached a crescendo and blew you far, far away. Now you’re standing beneath their rain cloud, about to get drenched.

It’s a classic case of fight or flight. The easy move is to retreat safely indoors and stay dry. And, why not? If you had known this maelstrom was forming, you would have taken the right precautions. But against all instincts, you don’t flee the scene. Instead, you allow the heavy rain to seep through your clothing and into your pores. The coldness drains you to the point of exhaustion. And truthfully, it’s not just the storm but a number of other factors that has you fatigued. It’s difficult to stay outside when the weather unexpectedly turns. All you can do is remember how warm it feels when the sun comes around.

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9 thoughts on “Day 41: Forecasting and Fight or Flight

  1. Andrew says:

    Very well written…I really enjoyed your post.

  2. yes!!! love love love!!!!! amazing

  3. If should write a book – I’d buy one!!


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