Day 38: Refills and Nights at the Bar

Elle Varner’s “Refill” is one of those impossibly sweet songs that captures the feeling of infatuation. She uses the parallel of drinking at a bar to describe her growing interest in a man. We’ve all experienced this analogy: after a few vodka sodas, you realize that you should probably slow down. Only, you’re having such an incredible time that you can’t resist getting just one more drink. This launches you into a happy intoxicated state, where you’re teetering that fine line between “tipsy” and “completely inebriated.”

Dating and relationships can be like that sometimes. Especially after a disappointing heartbreak, we’ve been conditioned to approach our next romantic venture with caution – skepticism, even. If something feels too good, our first instinct is to immediately pull back and analyze. But, why? Not everything can be broken down and explained; some connections are just meant to be experienced. So, when you find that person who makes another drink look tempting, don’t over think it. Enjoy the moment and order a refill.

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8 thoughts on “Day 38: Refills and Nights at the Bar

  1. irishkatie says:

    *smiles* … I like that part…about enjoying the moment and ordering a refill.

  2. yes!!!! so true love this post!!!!!

  3. that’s the adventure of meeting people and relationships, you never know what might happen, and hey if its good for a few months before it goes sour and you leave . . . well you got three good months out it 🙂


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