Day 36: The First Call and “Good Night”

I reclined sideways on the couch, in anticipation of his call. A sudden ring caused nerves to momentarily spike, but his friendly greeting was all it took. Well, it was his voice really. His confident tone emanated a sense of bravado. It virtually dripped with masculinity. I masked my heightened interest, as not to give away my cards too soon. Then with ease, our conversation hit its stride. The verbal exchange was playful, with two equally-matched opponents at their most witty and charming. An hour and a half sped by and it was soon late into the evening. I didn’t learn much about N that first night we spoke, except one important thing: I wanted to learn more.

That was eight months ago, and I haven’t stopped learning since. It’s funny how your cell phone, a compact system of circuit boards and speakers, can transform into a gateway. Tonight, my handheld portal transcended miles and time zones to connect me back to N. Speaking with him from across the country sparked memories of our initial phone call. So much has transpired since then, but I still remember my very first impression of him that night so long ago. After only one conversation, I felt…something. I think I instinctively knew there was a uniqueness to N, although I couldn’t articulate it in that moment. Our conversations have evolved, but his voice still gets me every time. And right now, I wish it was within earshot, saying “good night” and lulling me to sleep.

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6 thoughts on “Day 36: The First Call and “Good Night”

  1. charmedbylove says:

    its remarkable how instantaneous communication is, and how we crave for the one we love to be with us even more.

  2. I love your use of imagery here. Communication is definitely key.

  3. twistedlola says:

    Glad we connected and can’t wait to read all about your adventures! 🙂


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