Day 27: N, My Parents and (Not) Easing In

Every once in a while, bad timing rears its ugly head. N and I rekindled our relationship last weekend – the exact same weekend my parents were in town. Previously, I shared that my parents were supposed to meet N for the first time over dinner on this trip. But alas, when N and I unexpectedly broke up, those plans were swiftly canceled.

Fast-forward to last Saturday morning. N and I were still on our post-reconciliation high from the night before. I was preparing to meet my parents for lunch and a movie, and that’s when things got awkward. The elephant was in the room, trunk swinging, as I did my absolute best to steer clear of the oversized beast. N, on the other hand, was far less successful at avoidance.

So, your parents…” he began.

Yeah, I know we were all supposed to get together this weekend. Well, before,” I quickly reminded him. “I don’t know. It just might be…

Too soon?” he interjected, completing my thought.

Keep in mind, at this point my parents didn’t know that N and I had made amends. They still envisioned him as the man riddled with unanswered questions – the man who left their daughter’s heart fractured. Imagine the shock on their faces if I would have strolled into the restaurant with N suddenly in tow. Not quite the grand first impression I would have wanted for him. In response to N, I simply nodded and, truth be told, he felt the same way.

As a consolation prize, he offered, “Well, if for some reason things change, I can always meet you guys for dinner tonight.

Gah, is this man amazing or what? The thing is, I did want him to come with me to meet my parents and I know they would have enjoyed meeting him too. If only the timing was different. To introduce him then would have been too abrupt and disarming, which I explained.

“I know. You’ll just have to slowly ease them in,” he teased.

During the day with my parents, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would have been if N was with us. They would have gotten to meet the man who I had spent so much time with and cared for over the last six months. This trip at least, it wasn’t meant to be. “Easing in” has never been part of my DNA; I’m very direct and I don’t postpone the inevitable. Before my parents left, I updated them about N. They were slightly cautious about N’s new-found direction, but they were genuinely happy for me.

Since then, N has planned a weekend trip for us in October to fly up north to visit my parents and his brother. My parents are looking forward to meeting him and now it will be on the right terms. I thought about everything for a moment. Spending time with each others families? Scheduling travel months in advance? Well, I guess this means that N plans to stick around for a little while. The good news is, so do I.

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4 thoughts on “Day 27: N, My Parents and (Not) Easing In

  1. keep us posted on “the parent meet”!

  2. Sounds like a good new start for you two!


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