Day 20: Early Mornings and the Power of a Wave

Each morning on my drive to work, I pass the same middle-aged man standing on the same street corner. He’s bald and has a beaming smile plastered on his face. I can only describe his expression as that of a joyful child, giddy and in awe of his surroundings. In addition to his ear-to-ear grin, he waves with unbridled enthusiasm at every car that passes by. Clearly, this man is in a fractured mental state but, there he stands,  proudly waving to the world.

Whenever I pass the man on the street corner, I can’t help but be drawn in by his aura. He oozes happiness that shocks my cranky, sleep-deprived early morning mood. The second our eyes meet and his hand begins to wave, I instinctively smile back and wave in return. It seems strange, but my random exchange with this bizarre stranger always brightens my day, if only for a moment. I wonder if other drivers wave back too, or if they simply overlook his existence and continue on their route.

This week, something unexpected occured; the man on the street corner disappeared. Gone. Just like that. What happened to him? I’ll never know. I drove to work all this week and, admittedly, the ride felt a little less special. I’d like to think he’s still smiling and waving somewhere. Perhaps he just wanted a change of scenery and selected a new street corner to call home. Maybe a good samaritan found him some much-needed help. Either way, I’m going to miss our morning greeting. With so many cars passing him by, I wonder if he ever really saw me wave back.

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6 thoughts on “Day 20: Early Mornings and the Power of a Wave

  1. wildchristy says:

    It’s the little things that matter. Most people don’t do things like that anymore. A simple wave, a hello, please, thank you, a wink, a “you look nice today,” goes a long way.

    I’m sure your wave back to the man touched him in some way. I bet he moved to the beach and is waving at people there:)

    • Christy – I totally agree. As we undergo our daily routines, we sometimes forget to acknowledge the human element in our lives. Something as insignificant as returning a smile can brighten someone’s day. I hope “the man” did find his way to the beach. He’d have plenty of people there to wave to.

      – K.

  2. sexandliess says:

    out of all the posts on all the blogs that i have read so far, this might just be my favorite!! 😀

  3. I’m sad that my busy life has made me miss out on your blog! I’m catching up though. 🙂

    What I wanted to say was that there’s a man like that in my town who actually works as the dancing sign guy for a pizza place nearby. He absolutely loves it. You can see the joy on his face with his ear buds in his ears as he’s dancing and twirling his sign for $5 pizzas. Makes me happy every time I see him.

    • I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to! So glad you’re back and ready to catch up.

      The pizza sign guy is another great example of people who take joy in the small things. A lot of people could learn from their example…

      – K.


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