Day 16: A Much-Needed Partner and Mission Impossible

It has been surprisingly difficult to find a male workout partner. I get motivation from lifting weights with another person and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more inspiring than being able to appreciate (okay, stare at) a ripped male physique between sets. At my gym, the ratio of men to women is hugely disporportionate. I’m approached by men quite often, but the conversation unavoidably veers off topic. The discussion starts off innocently enough with us swapping training tips, or sharing success stories. But inevitably, those dreaded questions surface: So, what do you like to do on the weekends? Do you have a boyfriend? Can I have your phone number?

Granted, these men are just being friendly and have probably been taught to quickly take advantage when an opportunity presents itself. But we’re at a gym, fellas. A hot, crowded, sweat-filled gym. Not a bar or nightclub where this type of solicitation is common practice. It would be great to find a man who I can work out with on occassion – and that’s it. I’m not looking to date this person, spark a romantic rendezvous or even have contact outside of the gym walls. I simply want a workout partner who’s equally motivated to be fit. Someone who will push me to squat lower, complete that extra rep, and continue biking even though my quads are on fire. In my mind, two members of the opposite sex should be able to share their passion for fitness, without having to share pillow talk too. Is that so impossible?

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4 thoughts on “Day 16: A Much-Needed Partner and Mission Impossible

  1. 🙂 Maybe you can get a girl friend to go with you? That would be fun as well, don’t you think?

    • Absolutely. Unfortunately, none of my female friends are into working out or weightlifting. I’d like to find someone who is more passionate and knowledgable than I am so I can take it to the next level.

      – K.

  2. C says:

    i got it.. be-friend as the workout buddy… THEN ATTACK?!

  3. C – Don’t give them any ideas…lol.

    – K.


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