Day 3: “You’re Fired” and Gaining Perspective

This morning, I terminated one of my employees. Despite meticulously studying my speaking points, nothing can truly prepare you for that tense moment when you sit down, face-to-face with the other party. It’s both unsettling and uncomfortable at the same time. You don’t want to be harsh, but firm. Firm, yet compassionate. Compassionate, but not apologetic. It’s a delicate science that can only be mastered through experience (not that people aim to perfect this skill in the first place).

It’s incredibly difficult to be the bearer of bad news, especially when that news can seriously affect a person’s livelihood. My voice shook slightly. I, the self-professed “expert communicator,” stumbled over my words and had to refer to my notes on more than one occasion. But when all was said and done, the conversation was clean and to the point. I conveyed the right message, clearly explained next steps and exhibited the proper amount of emphathy. It’s something I executed relatively well, and something I don’t ever want to do again.

After today, I gained some serious perspective about my relationship woes. People everywhere are undergoing changes and experiencing blows that make make my dating issues pale in comparison. While I’m genuinely missing N’s companionship, let’s face it;  in a month from now, he’ll be nothing but a blip on the radar – just like the other men I’ve dated. I’ll still have my successful career, amazing family and friends, and outside interests and passions. And who knows, perhaps I’ll have even gone on a date or two.

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