Day 3: Reality and the Dreaded Phone Call

Confession: I’ve purposely delayed telling my parents that N and I broke up. While we have a close relationship, I am, by nature, very private about my personal (dating) life. I’m also extremely selective about who I mention, let alone introduce, to my family. It’s not that the men I date aren’t “good enough.” I’m just overly sound in judgement and I don’t take this sort of thing lightly. With that said, my parents not only know about N, but they have actual plans to meet him over dinner next month. GAH.

Currently in my parents’ eyes, N is some sort of demigod. Whenever I mentioned him during our phone calls, it was always a quip from the highlight reel.

“N and I traveled to the OC this weekend and we stayed in an amazing vacation home!”
“Yesterday, we biked together on the beach path and rode into Venice for drinks.”

It’s not that I intentionally omitted the bad stuff. During the entire six months that N and I dated, there simply was no bad stuff. Zero turbulence. Not a single fight or indiscretion. I’m dreading how quickly my parents’ admiration for N will turn into anger once I relay the news. Their anger will be completely biased; it’s not like they actually know the guy. All they know is that I cared for him endlessly and he made me happy in return. Every parent wants happiness for their child, and when that’s taken away and replaced with hurt, the claws come out. They’ll ask why he couldn’t promise a long-term commitment (I’m such a catch after all). They’ll demand to know what he was thinking when he threw our relationship away (again, I’m such a catch). These will be rhetorical questions of course, and all I’ll be able to do is sit on the other end of the phone and mumble quietly in agreement.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3: Reality and the Dreaded Phone Call

  1. I sense some sarcasm when you call yourself a catch. Why don’t you think you deserve the promise of a long-term commitment? And do you think your parents won’t be on your side when you tell them the news?

    • My intent was more playfulness versus sarcasm. I was simply poking fun at the natural, protective response of any loving parent (“My child is such a catch. How could someone possibly not want to be with her forever?”).

      During the conversation about our relationship, N shared his views on long-term commitment with a “take it or leave it” mentality (which is his prerogative). My needs weren’t being met, and I was the one who decided to remove myself from the situation and end things.

      My parents will absolutely be on my side when I break the news. Perhaps my trepidation also stems from the fact that when I tell them, I’ll have to re-hash the entire ordeal in all of its painful glory.

      – K.

  2. […] together last weekend – the exact same weekend my parents came into town to visit. In a previous post, I shared that they were supposed to meet N for the first time over dinner on this trip. But […]


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