Day 2: Self-reflection and Cleaning House

I awoke this morning and immediately set course to clean my entire apartment. When you become involved in someone else’s life, you sometimes forget to maintain areas of your own. My apartment was an unfortunate casualty. A busy work schedule and consistent weekend stays with N made it difficult to keep up appearances. Now, mountains of clothes had formed a fabric roadblock in my bedroom and neglected area rugs demanded to be vacuumed.

Cleaning is a mundane task, but if you take advantage of the solitude, it can be a real opportunity to center your thoughts. As I went through the motions of scrubbing counters and hanging clothes, I reflected on various areas of my life and established  goals to support my personal growth. Goals to blog consistently, continue my health and fitness journey, and purchase a Kindle so I can read (and learn) on demand.

Not everything was so productive though. There were moments when my thoughts veered towards feelings of hurt and sadness over N. I had to make a conscious effort to keep this at bay and, instead, focus on other positive topics. As I transitioned from room to room, small transformations took place. My closet became neatly packed, the dirty dish tub was emptied, and my hardwood floor regained its shine. Afterward, I took a step back and admired my work. And you know what? The apartment almost looked new again.


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